Josh Duhamel has revealed details of a hilarious outtake involving The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge on the set of the new Prime Video action comedy Shotgun Wedding.


The star-studded film sees Duhamel play the romantic lead opposite Jennifer Lopez, and follows events after their wedding ceremony in the Philippines is put on hold by dangerous gunmen.

In the closing moments, various characters – including those played by Duhamel, Lopez, and Coolidge – perform a group karaoke rendition of the classic hit Walk Like an Egyptian, and speaking exclusively to, Duhamel explained that this sequence was more challenging to put together than it might appear.

"They had a music supervisor come in and go through the lyrics and stuff with us so we were on key," he explained. "And while we shot it, it was so brutally awkward.

"We didn't know how it was going to cut together, because sometimes these things look much better cut together than they do when you're actually... you know, sometimes you don't want to see the sausage being made. There were some very awkward moments during that karaoke session."

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Jennifer Coolidge as Carol Fowler in Shotgun Wedding
Jennifer Coolidge as Carol Fowler in Shotgun Wedding. Ana Carballosa / Amazon Prime Video

Pressed for more information about particular awkward moments, Duhamel then outlined an incident involving Coolidge.

"Well, there was a moment that Coolidge did that I thought was just... I don't think they kept it," he said. "This is the beauty of Jennifer Coolidge, she does things that nobody is expecting her to do – and sometimes you can't tell if it's a mistake, or if it's intended."

He added: "She was standing up there singing and then she just takes off this wig and throws it out into the crowd and she just had a bald cap on underneath. And everyone's like, 'What the hell is she doing?'

"And it was so awkward but funny at the same time, you didn't know how to react. But that's what she does. She has this way of making you feel like it's totally unintended and spontaneous."

Shotgun Wedding is out now on Prime Video. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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