This month's belated Scream sequel is the first big screen chapter in the franchise to be produced since Wes Craven passed away, but the new creative team has included two tributes to the legendary filmmaker.


Craven first gained recognition in the 1970s with his cult horror films The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, both of which have been remade since the turn of the millennium.

However, he became a true titan of the horror genre with the launch of 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street, which he both wrote and directed.

The film is right up there with John Carpenter's Halloween as one of the most influential slashers ever made, making Craven the perfect candidate to helm a project focused on deconstructing the popular subgenre.

That opportunity came along in 1995, when a script by newbie screenwriter Kevin Williamson then titled 'Scary Movie' caught the attention of Craven, who later boarded the project.

The film saw release one year later under the revised title Scream and became a mammoth success, greatly renewing audience interest in slasher movies, which had largely fallen out of fashion at that time.

Craven directed the initial Scream trilogy and returned in 2011 for its fan-favourite fourth entry, but tragically passed away roughly four years later from a brain tumour.

There had understandably been some anxiety from die-hard fans about the prospect of a Scream movie without Craven's involvement, particularly after the MTV television adaptation that aired between 2015-19 left a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, the creative team behind 2022's revival has kept the spirit of the original intact with a very worthy follow-up, as discussed in our spoiler-free Scream review.

The new instalment acknowledges Craven's contributions to the franchise and horror at large by introducing a character named after him, that being Woodsboro High student Wes Hicks (played by Dylan Minnette).

Additionally, before the credits roll, a card appears on screen reading 'For Wes', dedicating this latest instalment in the franchise to his memory.

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