Ricky Gervais sings about cleaning products in new video for Life on the Road

The Office character takes inspiration from his day job for his latest piece of music


Ricky Gervais has dropped a music video for his David Brent mockumentary Life on the Road ahead of the release of his character’s silver screen debut later this month. The two-minute-long track features his Office alter ego, all suited and booted, as he travels across the country showing off his skills as a toiletry salesman. It begins with Brent slouched in a black leather chair, pitching his main single to a music exec, matter-of-factly emphasising that his song would be about his day job – working as a rep selling cleaning products.


Wandering from Ipswich to Gloucester, he bops his head to his own tunes. The song is not just about cleaning products, of course, but also the general public’s toiletry needs – tampon dispensers and urinal lozenges, included.

While the film itself mainly follows Brent’s attempts at rock stardom, trading his pin-striped blazers for leather bomber jackets, this newest clip reverts to his sales man core.

With his band Foregone Conclusion blasting guitar riffs to an unimpressed audience, Brent again (desperately) tries to prove how the soundtrack of his life could be more than the squeaking sound of a desk chair or the overly familiar melody of a photocopying machine.


Life on the Road is released in UK cinemas on 19th August