What happens when your children leave the nest, and you are left wondering what to do with yourself?


Netflix's upcoming film, Otherhood, follows three Mothers who are abandoned on Mothers Day with only a text from their sons to show for it.

So, who is in the film and when can you watch it on Netflix?

When will Otherhood be released on Netflix?

The three gutsy mothers will be hitting our screens Friday 2nd August 2019. It seems like the perfect excuse for a night in.

Who is in the cast of Otherhood?

Angela Bassett, Getty

The three mothers are played by three high power actresses; Felicity Huffman (Helen), Angela Bassett (Carol), and Patricia Arquette (Gillian).

Felicity Huffman - who has recently hit the headlines regarding a high-profile university fee bribery case - is best known for her role in the American comedy Desperate Housewives.

Starring with her is Angela Bassett, who recently dominated the screen in Disney's Black Panther. Bassett said that she took on this role in Otherhood because she herself is a mother and understands how your life becomes so dedicated to your children. She also praised the importance of firm friendships.

The final mother is played by Patricia Arquette, who is well-known as 'Mom' in the 2014 Oscar-winning film Boyhood.

Other notable names include Jake Lacy (Carol), Becki Newton (Ugly Betty), and Heidi Gardner (Saturday Night Live).

What is Otherhood all about?

Three mothers, and best friends, are fed up. Their grown-up sons are living their own lives in New York City, and can only seem to manage a text message on Mothers Day. So, the no-nonsense mothers decide to take matters into their own hands and go on a surprise visit to stay with their sons. As the mothers rediscover their relationship with their children, and themselves, what could possibly go wrong?


Is there a trailer for Otherhood?

Absolutely. You can find it here: