New James Bond film release may be pushed back to 2020

After director Danny Boyle’s departure, Daniel Craig’s next outing as 007 is being delayed

Arterton in Quantum of Solace in James Bond

Following the shock departure of director Danny Boyle over “creative differences” with producers, the final big-screen entry for Daniel Craig’s James Bond could be pushed back until 2020.


In fact, the film could be delayed for as much as a year according to the Hollywood Reporter, with sources suggesting that the upcoming movie (currently referred to as Bond 25) will miss its 8th November 2019 release date and instead be moved to late 2020.

The move isn’t entirely a surprise – even before Boyle left, there was talk of the film being rescheduled to early 2020, and no recent Bond films have ever opened in summer – but it will still be a blow to fans who were hoping to see the movie sooner rather than later, and who may now be feeling more shaken than stirred about the whole project.

THR’s story also gives some insight into why Boyle left the movie, with the veteran director apparently at odds with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson over the script written by his frequent collaborator John Hodge.


Given these difficulties, it seems likely that any shift in the film’s release will primarily be intended to give the Bond team time to get together a new script that pleases everybody, including whoever they find to direct. Possibly not an easy thing to achieve, hence the potential for such a long delay.