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Mark Hamill just had a fanboy freakout over Angela Rippon on Rip Off Britain

Yes, really

Published: Tuesday, 11th October 2016 at 9:49 am

Mark Hamill and Angela Rippon. It's not an obvious combination.


One is famous for swishing a lightsaber, accidentally snogging his sister and being the son of a heavy-breathing psychopath. The other is a British broadcasting stalwart, known for fronting shows such as Top Gear and Come Dancing, and currently the co-host of Rip Off Britain.

But the pair share something in common: they're both massive fans of one another, as proven when Hamill appeared on the BBC series to share his money-saving tips. He's all about using old coffee grounds in the garden, apparently.

The interview itself is on BBC iPlayer (from around 40 minutes in) but make sure you watch to the end when the pair say their goodbyes – and Hamill has a fanboy freakout. "It was such a treat to meet you," he tells Rippon. "I've been a fan of yours for so many years – I couldn't believe it when you walked in.


"'Oh my god, Angela Rippon!' I won't ask for your autograph."


Is this the most unlikely – but brilliant – fanboy freakout ever?


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