John Wick producer Basil Iwanyk has said a fifth instalment of the franchise will not happen unless there is an idea that justifies another movie.


While there have been rumours of a John Wick 5, Iwanyk revealed to he has "no idea what John Wick 5 would look like".

With the shock ending of John Wick: Chapter 4, it comes as no surprise that fans may not get fifth movie, with the titular character (spoiler alert!) assumed to be dead.

Speaking exclusively to, Iwanyk said: "On a personal level, everybody would love to do another John Wick because we all like each other so much. And it's fun and Keanu loves inhabiting the character and we have a blast, we go to cool places and we get to do cool shit.

"We have no idea what John Wick 5 would look like. With the strike happening with actors and writers, that does put a crimp on everything. If we come up with an idea that justifies a John Wick 5, 100% everyone's there."

The producer noted that if they can't "come up with a cool idea", John Wick 5 wouldn't be made for the sake of it, "aka [a] money grab".

"No one wants to do that, If John Wick 4 is our last Keanu timeline, it's a great way of going out," Iwanyk explained.

"The movie did really well and the critics loved it, so it has to be pretty cool for us to do with John Wick five. Saying that we all are motivated and want to figure out a way in."

John Wick 4
Keanu Reeves as John Wick in John Wick: Chapter 4. Lionsgate

While a John Wick 5 may not be on the cards just yet, the next John Wick movie fans will see will be the spin-off Ballerina, led by Ana de Armas.

Also carrying on the universe is prequel The Continental, which premiered on Prime Video on Friday 22nd September.

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