Jacob Tremblay’s thank you note to chocolate and Star Wars is adorable

"Indiana Jons" is another favourite of the Room star's things...


The cutest kid in Hollywood is good at acting and all – but he’s a real pro at capturing the hearts of grown-ups who love nothing more than a sweet, polite, grateful child.


Room star Jacob Tremblay took to his Instagram account on Friday to say thank you for some of his favourite things.
“Thank you, chocolate for giving me pleasure every day,” he wrote. “Thank you, Star Wars four giving me entetament. Thank you, Iindiana Jons the same reson as Star Wars. Thank you, box cuter four cutting my finger off #yathatrellyhurt.”

“Sorry, I am a terrible speller!” he wrote under the pic of his handwritten notebook entry.

The note was an imitation of talk show Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show segment in which the comedian reads Thank You notes to the things he loves best.


We’re with you there, Jacob. Star Wars gives us entetament too.