Few pieces of musical theatre have captured the imagination of the public in recent times to anywhere near the extent of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton - and very soon fans will be treated to a front row seat.


That's because a filmed version of the original Broadway production is on its way to Disney+ - allowing fans to make their way virtually to the Richard Rogers Theatre, either for the first time or for a repeat visit.

And with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic meaning that Hamilton won't be returning to theatres in the near future, the film will come as very welcome news to the musical's many die-hard fans.

To celebrate the film arriving on Disney+, Miranda shared glimpses behind-the-scenes on Hamilton with fans on Twitter, giving die-hard followers a peek backstage on the production.

If that wasn't enough, he's also revealed a line which was cut from Hamilton because its reference was "too obscure".

The film experience will be as close as possible to the real thing, with Miranda confirming the film comes complete with intermission countdown and opening remarks from the character of King George III.

There are a couple of tiny tweaks, however. On Twitter, Hamilton creator Miranda explained how the show had been censored for Disney Plus.

"On July 3, you're getting the whole show, every note & scene, & a 1-minute countdown clock during intermission (bathroom!)" he tweeted. "But MPAA has a hard rule about language: more than 1 utterance of "F**k" is an automatic R rating. We have 3 "F***k" in our show. So...

"I literally gave two f**ks so the kids could see it," he quipped, saying the film mutes the expletive on one instance during the song Yorktown and another in Washington on Your Side.

"You can sing whatEVER you like at home (even sync up the album)!" he added.

Read on for everything you need to know about the film.

What time is Hamilton released on Disney Plus?

Hamilton will be on Disney+ on Friday, 3rd July - releases are normally available from 8am onwards. Most Disney+ additions are added at this time, because of the time difference.

When is the Hamilton movie being released on Disney Plus?

The Hamilton movie is coming to Disney Plus on 3rd July. You can watch it by signing up to Disney Plus for £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning musical has been brought forward by 15 months, having originally been scheduled to arrive in cinemas in October 2021.

So momentous was the announcement that he “woke up like a jolt of energy” in anticipation of telling fans, his wife Vanessa Nadal revealed.

Sharing a picture of the Hamilton creator staring intently at his laptop, a cup of coffee in hand, on her own Twitter page, Nadal said: “Sneaky photo of @Lin_Manuel excitedly/nervously waiting to drop his news.

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“He woke up like a jolt of energy (more than usual and could not keep still!”

Miranda, meanwhile, admitted he had “never been so happy/nervous” in his life.

“We all watching this together on July 3, yeah?” he added.

The move follows a rising trend in bereft theatre fans streaming their favourite past productions, including the hugely popular National Theatre productions on YouTube, with a new show streamed weekly, and for one week only.

How long is Hamilton's run time?

The full broadway show is 2 hours 50 minutes normally - that's including the 15 minute interval though.

How long is Hamilton on Disney Plus?

The intended release was 15th October, 2021 so Disney may want to go for a wider release later, but there's no set end date for now - we'll keep you posted.

Who is in the cast for the Hamilton movie?

The film features the original Broadway Hamilton cast, including Miranda playing the lead as Alexander Hamilton.

Daveed Diggs plays Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson while Renée Elise Goldberry plays Angelica Schuyler.

Jonathan Groff, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, and more are also in the cast.

What is the Hamilton movie about?

The Hamilton movie is filmed version of the original Broadway production created by Miranda, which tells the story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Directed by Tommy Kail, it was filmed over several days in the week before the principals started to leave the production back in 2016.

Explaining the concept during an appearance on Good Morning America, Miranda previously said: “[Kail has] basically given everyone at home the best seat in the house and it’s a thrilling experience.

“He really threads the needle between these cinematic close-ups and widening out and seeing the show from the centre aisle of the Richard Rodgers Theatre.”

The original Broadway production won 11 Tony Awards as well as the Pulitzer Prize for drama.

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Original cast member Daveed Diggs has said he's "terrified" about the Broadway production going on Disney Plus, as he's never actually seen his own performance in the musical before.

"It seems like it's going to make a lot of people very happy," he told Entertainment Weekly, before continuing, "I'm terrified. I've never seen myself do that and it's still the thing that most people talk to me about that I have done. One of the only reasons I can stand that kind of attention is that I haven't seen it.

"At some point, I'm going to be forced to watch it and actually deal with my own feelings about this. That is complicated for me, for the kind of artist I am, which is I don't really like to watch myself doing things. The sort of saving grace of a play is that I never have to watch myself doing it."

Still wondering what it's all about? We have a full explanation of what Hamilton is about.

How does Hamilton the movie compare to the theatre?

We've had a watch ahead of its release - check out our Hamilton movie on Disney Plus review, including our verdict on how it compares to the theatrical experience.

Is there a Hamilton film trailer?

Hamilton released a trailer for the #Hamifilm on Sunday 21st June.

The 60-second clip shows a montage of scenes from the Broadway musical, set to a mash-up of the show's opening number, Alexander Hamilton, and Satisfied, a number sang by Angelica Schuyler (played by Renée Elise Goldsberry).

And a second trailer - again 60 seconds long - was released on 28th June, this time showing another montage of scenes.


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