Lin-Manuel Miranda has revealed he changed which Macbeth quote features in Hamilton after his initial choice proved so obscure nobody understood it.


The Broadway sensation recently found its way to Disney+, prompting Miranda to take part in a live watchalong with fans, commenting on iconic moments and performances.

In Take A Break, the second song of Act Two, Hamilton (Miranda) makes reference to Shakespeare's legendary play in the following lines:

"My dearest Angelica,
'Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day'
I trust you’ll understand the reference to
Another Scottish tragedy without my having to name the play…"

In an interesting piece of trivia, Miranda discussed how the initial reference was to be completely different.

He said in a tweet: "Originally, the M**beth quote was 'they have tied me to a stake I cannot fly, but bearlike I must fight the course.' Rhyming with 'cite the source'.

"Was deemed too obscure by errybody. I changed it."(sic)

These comments are in-keeping with those Miranda made in the musical's companion book, Hamilton: The Revolution, which includes his annotations on the script.

"Oskar Eustis said, ‘Lin, I run the Shakespeare Festival and even I don’t get the reference,'" Miranda recalls in the comprehensive guide. "So I went with one of the greatest hits.”

Hamilton's arrival on Disney+ has been a big deal for fans, whose love for the groundbreaking production is rivalled only by how difficult it has been to get tickets.

As a result, this recording with the original cast has made the show more accessible,'s Hamilton review points out - and couldn't have come at a better time, as social distancing measures continue to make leisure activities difficult, including theatre visits.


The Hamilton movie is available to stream now on Disney+. You can watch it by signing up to Disney Plus for £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year.