Frozen’s Elsa depicted as a drug addict in anti-meth campaign

“Meth, just let it go!”


An anti-drugs campaign in the US state of Montana has purloined children’s character Elsa from the hit Disney movie Frozen in an attempt to get its message across to potential users.


The Montana Meth Project is urging citizens to quit drugs, using a billboard that appears to star Princess Elsa with a drug-riddled complexion and wearing handcuffs. In a nod to the film’s soundtrack, the slogan reads: “Meth, just let it go.”

In the ads, Elsa stands in front of a police mugshot backdrop, at an impressive height of 6ft. The artwork is credited as being “created by a Montana teen” – part of the demographic the project is targeting in its campaign.

The MMP’s website states: “The goal of the Montana Meth Project is to arm teens and young adults across the state with the facts about methamphetamine so that they can make well-informed decisions when presented with the opportunity to try it.”

Despite not actually naming Frozen or Elsa, the campaign could be sailing pretty close to the wind when it comes to intellectual property laws. have contacted Disney for comment.


Let’s hope Elsa’s on the mend by the time the Frozen sequel is set for release, in 2019.