Freeview film of the day: Three Men in a Boat

Bucolic British comedy with Laurence Harvey, Jimmy Edwards and David Tomlinson providing slapstick nostalgia


Three Men in a Boat ★★★★ 
12 noon-1.50pm Talking Pictures TV


Now that Talking Pictures TV has been added to our magazine listings, what better way of illustrating the nostalgia channel’s unique offering than a rare airing of this bucolic British comedy starring Laurence Harvey, Jimmy Edwards and David Tomlinson. Based on the 1889 novel by Jerome K Jerome, it sees a trio of blazered Victorian gents row up the Thames to Oxford with adorable dog Montmorency. Maritime slapstick, inclement weather, picnics, bickering and romantic entanglements ensue. And at one point, we see love-interest Shirley Eaton decorously having a bath. A perfect advert for Talking Pictures TV and an antidote to our more complex modern times.


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