Given that it's set almost entirely inside a fictional open-world video game, it's no surprise that Ryan Reynolds' new movie Free Guy is packed with Easter Eggs and references to gaming culture.


But there are also a couple of references that might come as more of a shock to viewers – with two of the biggest film franchises in history paid homage to in quick succession.

That's right, there are nods to both the MCU and Star Wars towards the end of the film, with a huge cameo appearance thrown into the mix for good measure.

Both references come during a climactic fight scene between protagonist Guy and an evil character called Dude (both played by Ryan Reynolds). The latter is dropped into the game by its egotistic creator Antwan in a bid to stop Guy uncovering a vital secret.

While Guy is originally on the ropes during the battle and looks set to be defeated, he suddenly realises there are a wealth of items he can use to stave off Dude's attack. And his first choice? Captain America's shield.

With the whole world watching, Guy selects the shield to successfully parry Dude's attack – before we cut straight to none other than Chris Evans himself, who reacts with shock to the move while watching on his phone.

But Guy isn't done there: next, he selects a blue lightsaber to really turn the tide of the fight, with Dude clearly unsure how to respond to such a powerful weapon.

Surely that makes Guy the first character in film history to boast of having used both Cap's shield and a lightsaber?

Talking about some of the references included in the film, star Utkarsh Ambudkar explained to and other press, "Well, it turns out Ryan Reynolds has a lot of really famous friends – and he got a lot of them to be in this movie!

"The whole third act, for somebody who grew up with Star Wars, Marvel and video games is, oh my God – it is jump out of your seats, scream with joy.

"It's so much fun, there's so much cool stuff. And then it's... I mean, I can't give any of it away, except that if I wasn't in the movie, I'd be so stoked. It's just like, for all of the people out there like me, I see you and we're being seen by this film. And it is very fun!"

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Free Guy is released in UK cinemas on Friday 13th August. Want more? Check out our Movies hub or our full TV Guide.