She may be starring in a film with Tom Hanks [Dan Brown adaptation Inferno] and have worked with Sigourney Weaver, but Star Wars Rogue One star Felicity Jones says Darth Vader trumps the lot when it comes to big name co-stars.

"I mean, it doesn’t get more iconic," Jones told when asked what it's like to star in a film with the infamous Sith Lord.

"I think he may top the list of iconic characters, Darth Vader. I have worked with Sigourney Weaver [on upcoming Patrick Ness adaptation A Monster Calls] who may be a close second."

Rogue One sees Jones's Jyn Erso going head to head with the space opera's most famous villain, as she endeavours to steal the Death Star plans for the Rebellion, but it's not yet clear how – or if – the pair will share the screen in scenes.

We know Jyn's team face peril at every turn when attempting to get their hands on the battle station's blueprints, so could Vader meet Jyn in battle? Or could their characters come face to face if she steals aboard an Imperial ship to nab the plans from the mysterious Krennic?

Of course there is one more option. Vader could capture Jyn and give her the force choke treatment. Rogue One is a standalone film after all – perhaps she could meet her maker at the hands of Luke Skywalker's father?

We'll have to wait until December to find out.

Felicity Jones is currently starring in Inferno, in UK cinemas from 14th October