A magical connection between Fantastic Beasts and The Cursed Child has been confirmed

The Harry Potter universe is full of unexpected surprises

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Fantastic Beasts has revealed the magical creatures that will be starring in sequel The Crimes of Grindelwald – and fans of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child may recognise a familiar set of wings.


Alongside some very, very cute baby Nifflers and more Bowtruckles, three new beasts will be making their debut: the Kelpie (“a Scottish underwater creature that can be mounted and ridden”), the Leucrotta (“a large moose-like creature with an impossibly huge month”) and the Augurey (an “owl-like creature whose cry is believed to foretell death”).

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If the name Augurey rings a bell, that’ll be because the magical creature made a cameo (of sorts) in Potter play The Cursed Child.

Delphi actually had an Augurey’s feathers tattooed on her back, and you can see them above the nest in the play’s logo, but now we’ll get to meet one in the flesh.

Given the bird’s death-foretelling cry, that might not auger (ha ha) well for our favourite characters, like No-Maj Jacob Kowalski. Poor Jacob is visited by the Augurey in the trailer at 2.11 minutes in…

On the other hand, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) is always keen to nurture misunderstood magical creatures – so perhaps the Augurey isnot what it seems?


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be released in the UK on Friday 16th November

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