Exclusive – Peter Capaldi spills on his new album: “I think there’s a fairly substantial Capaldi pop star out there already…”

"It’s not an attempt to become a pop star."

Peter Capaldi

The Twelfth Doctor is swapping a sonic screwdriver for a microphone, following the news that Peter Capaldi is returning to his punk rock roots and releasing an album.


The former Doctor Who star was previously the lead singer and guitarist in a 1980s punk band called The Dreamboys, with a line-up also featuring Craig Ferguson.

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com, Capaldi (who stars in the upcoming super-villain film The Suicide Squad) revealed that he recorded the album “for fun”.

“This was something I was doing for fun with a friend of mine called Dr. Robert, who was in a band called The Blow Monkeys. He and I just played together for fun, and then he said, ‘Well, why don’t you have a go at writing some stuff?'”

He continued, “We did that. We were going to record some things, and then the lockdown came. So we were just left with all these bits and pieces of demos and stuff. So he just, over the course of the year, worked on those, and brought some of his musician friends in. And we just developed this thing.

“But it’s not a… you know, it’s just something we were doing for the satisfaction of making music. It’s not an attempt to become a pop star or be a rock star or anything.”

The Devil’s Hour actor also jokingly referred to musician Lewis Capaldi, his distant relation, adding, “I think there’s a fairly substantial Capaldi pop star out there already. So it’s just something that we did for fun.”

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