Exclusive – Peter Capaldi drops hints about his “strange” new project with Steven Moffat

The Twelfth Doctor will reunite with former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat.

Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat

Peter Capaldi has teased his upcoming part in “strange” new series The Devil’s Hour, executive produced by Steven Moffat through Hartswood Films.


The Amazon Prime Video six-parter will mark a reunion of sorts for the pair, who both previously worked on Doctor Who (Capaldi in the titular role, and Moffat as a writer-turned-showrunner).

The Devil’s Hour is billed as a thriller, and although details are being kept under wraps, it seems that it will feature elements of horror, focussing on the early-morning period known as the devil’s hour (when satanic forces are supposedly at their strongest).

“It’s difficult for me to tell you about my part without giving [too much away],” Capaldi exclusively told RadioTimes.com. “It’s really good. The scripts are really good, and it’s strange. But I don’t want to… I don’t want to give it away.”

“I’ve also done this film called Benediction with Terence Davies. I think Terence Davies is possibly our greatest living filmmaker, and I was thrilled to be in a film of his, which will be out later in the year.”

Before the mysterious new series airs, viewers will be able to catch Capaldi in The Suicide Squad (alongside fellow Brit Idris Elba), although looking ahead, the actor says he’s open to “whatever comes along”.

“It’s just whatever comes along. I mean, the great things about those big movies is that when you’ve done them, and you’ve been around them… They’re great to watch going on. I mean, I loved being in The Suicide Squad, and not having the whole responsibility of the movie on my shoulders, and just being able to watch everything going on, and doing the best of my work.

“So that’s nice. I love the spectacle of watching a big movie being made, and I love seeing the craft – the level of craft, the invention of engineering.”

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