Emma Watson sorted the cast of Hamilton musical into Hogwarts houses

The founders now have their place in the wizarding world


Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man behind smash-hit musical Hamilton, made sure to ask a very important question while sitting with Emma Watson: which Hogwarts houses would Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and the rest of his characters be sorted into?


They did, of course, also talk about gender equality and Watson’s HeForShe campaign – and got some rapping in too – but when you’re with Hermione, you ask some Harry Potter stuff too, right?

Indeed, as Hermione as ever, Watson joked she was calling on her character and had made notes to help in her decision making.

There was some switching. Angelica Schuyler swapped from Gryffindor to Ravenclaw, while Eliza Hamilton did the opposite. Aaron Burr was put straight in Slytherin: “All ambition”. As for Alexander Hamilton himself, it was all about the Gryffindor for Watson. “He’s all authenticity, all courage.”

Although, while Watson was certain in her choices, Miranda threw a spanner in the works after revealing her co-star Daniel Radcliffe had chosen differently. For Mr Radcliffe, Alexander was a sure fit for Ravenclaw.

“I’m going to have to call him about this,” Watson insisted.