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Does this leaked Rogue One book confirm the return of Darth Vader?

The "visual story guide” also reveals the identity of several characters and new spaceships in the upcoming film - so contains possible spoilers

Published: Tuesday, 17th May 2016 at 3:38 pm

It’s been months since the release of the first trailer for Star Wars spin-off Rogue One, and despite the odd bit of information trickling out (like the fact that Mad Mikkelsen is apparently playing Felicity Jones’s father) we’re still pretty much in the dark about what to expect from this year’s adventure in a galaxy far, far away.


Well, until now – because some enterprising Star Wars fans seem to have uncovered a whole host of details this week in a preview of Rogue One’s “Official Visual Story Guide”, including character names, brand-new spaceships and the inclusion of a certain Sith Lord.

And while we should consider taking some of these details with a pinch of salt, the source of the preview in a winter book catalogue seems sound, even if the text appears a little unfinished at this point. For now we’re treating it as legit, so here are some of the details this book seems to be giving us:

1. Darth Vader is probably in the film


We’ve theorised that the erstwhile Anakin Skywalker will appear in Rogue One more or less since it was announced (who else would try to stop Rebels stealing the Death Star plans?), and the appearance of a black-cloaked kneeling figure in the trailer (plus the casting of a very tall actor in a mysterious role) did little to dispel our suspicions.

Now, Vader’s involvement (even if it’s just a cameo) seems confirmed by this new visual guide, with the Sith Lord looming over the confirmed cast in one picture.

2. This white-suited villain is an Imperial Director


One of the biggest mysteries of the Rogue One trailer revolved around Ben Mendelsohn’s white-suited baddie, but now the new visual guide has named him. Apparently his moniker is Director Krennic, the man in charge of the Imperial military (which you’d think would be pretty much the whole thing, but no) and presumably the officer most keen to wipte Jyn Erso and her Rebel friends off the star map. Speaking of whom…

3. Jyn Urso’s fellow Rebels also have names


We already knew about Felicity Jones’s Rebel from the trailer, but now we’re picking up info about her team as well.

According to the guide, Diego Luna (top middle) will play an officer called Captain Cassian Andor, Jiang Wen (top right) will play a “freelance assassin” called Baze, Riz Ahmed (bottom left) will play a Rebel soldier called Bodhi and Donnie Yen (bottom right) will be a “spiritual warrior” (presumably not just a Jedi) called Chirrut.

There are also apparently a couple of CGI alien characters called Pao and Bistan, both described as “fierce” warriors but currently played by unknown actors.

4. These guys are called Death Troopers


Aw, isn’t that friendly? Maybe these are the troopers they actually taught how to aim properly, or maybe (as we have previously suggested) they’re the Empire’s black-ops team.

5. There'll be new spaceships


And they’ll appear on both sides. According to the visual guide, Rogue One will see the Empire deploy some deliciously pointy “TIE Strikers”, which the Rebels will counter with their own Starfighters, which combine the power of futuristic technology with the aesthetics of a forklift truck.

6. This film is going to be awesome

I mean, we probably knew that before, but do you see these pictures? God, this is gonna be cool.


Rogue One: A Star Wars story will be released on 16th December


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