Deadpool’s domestic opening is officially bigger than Man of Steel, Iron Man 2 and every X-Men film ever

Could the curse of Ryan Reynolds finally be broken?


He may have had limited luck with X-Men Origins and Green Lantern but Ryan Reynolds is finally getting the superhero box office results he always wanted with his latest Marvel outing, Deadpool.


The Hollywood Reporter reveals the film smashed the record for a President’s Day Weekend opening in North America, taking in a whopping £104 million in US cinemas alone, compared to Fifty Shades of Grey’s £64.7 million last year. It took another £104 million or so worldwide, too.

Add to that the record for the biggest R-rated (America’s answer to the 18s certificate) opening of all time, the biggest opening for the month of February and, actually, the most successful opening in history for studio 20th Century Fox, and you realise just how successful the little superhero movie that could actually is.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, this makes Deadpool’s domestic opening more successful than Warner Bros and DC’s Man of Steel, Marvel’s Iron Man 2, and all of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies.

And to think, Reynolds and director Tim Miller (who also gets an accolade with the biggest debut for a first-time feature director) had to fight to get it made.


No wonder it’s already received the green light for a sequel. Here’s hoping that light doesn’t become a lantern though.