David Beckham strips down to his pants for Guy Ritchie film

An ad for clothing store H&M sees Golden Balls chasing his runaway dressing gown across Beverly Hills

David Beckham fans whose interest extends beyond his footballing ability and charity work are in for a treat with the arrival of a new TV ad that sees Golden Balls strip down to just a pair of underpants and some tattoos.


Directed by Guy Ritchie, the ad for Beckham’s Bodywear range of undergarments for high street chain H&M begins with the footballer handing a children’s lunch box through the window of a car outside his luxury home.

When his dressing gown is caught in the car door and pulled off, and the front door of the house slams shut behind him, the only option left is for Beckham to take off in hot pursuit of the vehicle, sprinting, jumping and swimming his way across the streets and well-manicured back gardens of Beverly Hills like a half-naked parkour specialist.


A 30-second version of the ad will be shown on TV but you can see it in all its 1 minute 27 second glory below…