Cillian Murphy has revealed that he would be open to returning for a third film in the 28 Days Later series.


In the original movie, which was directed by Danny Boyle and written by Ex Machina’s Alex Garland, the Peaky Blinders star played Jim, a man who wakes up from a coma weeks after a virus known as the Rage has turned most of the population into zombies.

Emerging into an abandoned London in the film’s iconic opening scene, Jim travels to Manchester with a group of fellow survivors, who are promised a cure by a shady military figure known as Major Henry (Christopher Eccleston).

A sequel, 28 Weeks Later, followed in 2007, but Murphy did not return for the second film as he was busy with other projects. Boyle, too, was occupied elsewhere, but ended up serving as a producer, with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo taking on directing duties.

Cillian Murphy. Arturo Holmes/WireImage

Garland previously revealed that he has an idea for a third film, which would be titled 28 Months Later, and it seems that Murphy would be keen to reprise his role.

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Looking back on the film’s release for its 20th anniversary, Murphy told NME that the idea of another film was "very appealing" to him, and that he discusses the potential project when he sees Boyle and Garland.

"I think there’s a problem with that, in that I’m 20 years older," he told the magazine, alluding to the time gap mentioned in the potential title. "But every time I do bump into Danny or Alex I always mention it. Because I showed it to my kids recently, some Halloween about four or five years ago, and they loved it.

"It really stands up, which is amazing for a film that’s 20 years old. So yeah, I love the idea and it’s very appealing to me."

Boyle also told NME that he would be "very tempted" to direct a third film, adding that"“it feels like a very good time" for the project.

Murphy’s next film project sees him reunite with director Christopher Nolan to play Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer, a biopic of the physicist often referred to as the father of the atomic bomb.

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