Casino Royale director says he’ll only return to Bond when Daniel Craig quits

The man behind Goldeneye and Craig's first Bond movie would only come back for a new 007


Director Martin Campbell, who brought both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig’s Bond debuts (Goldeneye and Casino Royale) to the big screen, says he’ll only return to the franchise if there’s a new 007 to work with.


In an interview with Cinema Blend Campbell revealed that we’re unlikely to see him returning to the Bond franchise while Craig’s still kicking about in the spy’s slick guise.

“I was pretty much offered every one after [GoldenEye]. But I just felt that I was [repeating] it. Another control room to blow up; another nutcase taking over the world”, Campbell claimed.

Seems he’s only interested in helming a new 007’s debut.

“There is something refreshing about starting a new Bond, and particularly with Pierce [Brosnan]”, he said. “It was sort of a Cold War sort of situation then, and we had Judi Dench for the first time. So there was a kind of excitement to doing it.”

Mr Craig shouldn’t take any offence, though. The director holds the current Bond in high regard.


“I think Daniel is terrific. He’s certainly ‘for now,’ do you know what I mean? First of all he’s a terrific actor, but secondly he brings that sort of toughness and rough edge to Bond that is now so relevant” Campbell said.