Breaking Bad movie El Camino is bringing back another original series character

Netflix's spin-off film will focus on Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman

Breaking Bad - Walt and Jesse

Matt Jones is reprising his role as drug dealer and addict Badger in Netflix’s upcoming Breaking Bad sequel El Camino, which will focus on Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman.


The second spin-off from the critically acclaimed series (the other being Better Call Saul), was shot in secret, and focuses on returning character Jesse coming to terms with his past “in order to forge some kind of future”.

Jones was last seen posing as a hitman alongside Skinny Pete (Charles Baker, also returning for the film) in order to aid Walter White’s attempts to convince his former business partner to establish a trust for White’s children.

Bryan Cranston, who played teacher-turned-drug dealer Walter White in the original series, previously confirmed that the film was in the works but remained tight-lipped on whether or not his character would make an appearance.

“Yes, there appears to be a movie version of Breaking Bad,” he said on The Dan Patrick Show. “But I honestly have not even read the script. So there are questions if we would even see Walter White in this movie.”

A teaser has been released, in which Skinny Pete is insisting to the police that he has no idea where Jesse could be.

Speaking about the upcoming spin-off, Pinkman told The New York Times: “It’s a chapter of Breaking Bad’ that I didn’t realise that I wanted. And now that I have it, I’m so happy that it’s there.”


Netflix will release El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on 11th October 2019