Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelsen are awkwardly introduced in new Doctor Strange trailer

And we finally understand how Stephen Strange will fit in with the Avengers...


With so many superheroes flying around the Marvel Universe it’s often easy to become confused as to how they all fit together, but you’ll have no trouble figuring out Doctor Strange’s role in the fantastical tale now.


A new teaser for the upcoming comic book film reveals exactly how Benedict Cumberbatch’s character fits in with the Avengers.

“The Avengers protect the world from physical dangers, we safe guard it from more mystical threats,” a voice reveals as the world appears to unravel around the surgeon.

And Mads Mikkelsen provides quite an entertaining mystical threat in his first encounter with our hero too, as the pair struggle to introduce themselves properly.

Roll on October, that’s all we’ll say.


Doctor Strange is in UK cinemas from October 25th