A Harry Potter fan mocked up what Jared Harris would look like as young Dumbledore – and it’s pretty much perfect

You're a WIZARD, Harris


Dear JK Rowling, you can stop the hunt for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’s young Dumbledore because a Harry Potter fan has found him.


Redditor FancyFool is one of the many Harry Potter fans who think Jared Harris, son of the late great Richard Harris aka the original Dumbledore, would make a cracking young Albus, and they’ve got the evidence to prove it.

Jared Harris looks great as Dumbledore (mock-up) from harrypotter

The actor, who’s currently starring in Netflix’s The Crown as King George VI, really has the Hogwarts professor look down in the quite frankly fabulous mock up.

And he’s definitely got the acting chops to take on an intense storyline, like that of 1920s Albus Dumbledore, who has to face the prospect of taking on his former friend (and crush), the evil Gellert Grindelwald.


Casting mischief managed.