Whether you're a devout Harry Potter fan or wholeheartedly Whovian, chances are you'll have noticed your favourite characters popping up in more than one universe.


The Boy Who Lived and the Time Lord appear to have quite a few friends in common. It's a small (acting) world after all, and you quite simply never know who you'll run into next.

Here are just some of the familiar faces who've managed to regenerate...

David Tennant

Tennant put in a terrific performance as Barty Crouch Junior. The Death Eater son of the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement tried to bring about Harry Potter’s downfall in Goblet of Fire. Who was he in Doctor Who? The Doctor himself, of course.

Mark Williams

Best known to an entire generation as Ron Weasley’s dad Arthur, Williams popped up in Doctor Who back in 2012 as Rory’s dad Brian. You’ll spot him in season seven episodes Dinosaurs on A Spaceship and The Power of Three.

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Adrian Rawlins

Ron’s dad isn’t the only one doing the double: Harry Potter’s father James also pops up in both shows. Adrian Rawlins played the deceased wizard in the film franchise and lead the Ood rebellion as Dr Ryder in 2004’s Planet of The Ood.

Helen McCrory

Malfoy’s mum Narcissa ruined the Doctor’s romantic plans for Amy and Rory in 2010’s The Vampires of Venice. She underwent a dramatic transformation to play Saturnynian queen Rosanna Calvierri, leader of a race of aquatic aliens with vampire-like tendencies.

Toby Jones

Speaking of the Malfoys, their former House Elf Dobby – who helped Harry out on many an occasion – was voiced by Toby Jones. That same Toby popped up in Amy’s Choice as The Dream Lord, a representation of the Doctor’s inner darkness who caused quite a bit of trouble.

Sir Michael Gambon

Even dear old Albus Dumbledore has had dealings with The Doctor. Dumbledore 2.0 Sir Michael Gambon took on the Scrooge-like roles of Kazran and Elliot Sardick in 2010 Christmas Special A Christmas Carol.

John Hurt

First spotted in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone as wand-maker Mr Ollivander, Hurt famously took on the role of The Doctor and The War Doctor in The Name of the Doctor, The Night of the Doctor and The Day of The Doctor.

Roger Lloyd Pack

Even the dearly departed Trigger himself popped up in both shows. Roger Lloyd-Pack played Barty Crouch Senior in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and created the Cybermen as John Lumic back in 2006.

Zoe Wanamaker

She zoomed on her broom as Madame Hooch in Harry Potter but we saw considerably less of Zoe Wanamaker when she made her Doctor Who debut in 2005. She provided the voice for Lady Cassandra, a large piece of skin stretched on a frame.

Jeff Rawle

Cedric Diggory’s dad Amos really has done it all. He popped up in Doctor Who as Plantagenet, spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures (as museum curator Lionel Harding) and An Adventure in Space and Time as Mervyn Pinfield, an Associate Producer of the series.

David Bradley

Hogwarts’ cantankerous caretaker Argus Filch has made not one, but two Who appearances. Well, technically. He popped up as Solomon in Dinosaurs on A Spaceship back in 2012 before playing the very first doctor, William Hartnell, in the Bafta award winning An Adventure in Space and Time. Oh, and he voiced one of the rather vicious vulture-esque Shansheeth in The Sarah Jane Adventures too.

Julian Glover

His utterly terrifying Aragog left Harry Potter aghast, but Julian Glover made a rather more regal appearance in Doctor Who. He played Richard the Lionheart back in 1965 before reappearing as the alien Scaroth in 1979 serial City of Death.

Bill Nighy

His fearsome Rufus Scrimegour wasn’t too keen on Harry, Ron and Hermione but Bill Nighy’s Doctor Who character was equally as critical. He made a brief but memorable 2010 cameo as Dr Black, an expert on Vincent van Gogh.

Jim Broadbent

He popped up as potions master Horace Slughorn, who told Harry all about Voldemort’s horcruxes in Half Blood Prince but did you know he was very nearly the Doctor? Well, sort of. Broadbent joined the likes of Rowan Atkinson to play a possible future version of the 8th Doctor in Comic Relief Special The Curse of Fatal Death

John Cleese

Nearly Headless Nick himself also popped up in Doctor Who, joining fellow Harry Potter star Julian Glover for a brief cameo in City of Death.

Warwick Davis

As the fabulous Professor Flitwick he first gave us 'wingardium leviosa' but Warwick Davis was rather interested in flying in Doctor Who too. He starred as Emperor Ludens Nimrod Kendrick Cord Longstaff XLI, also known as Porridge. While running from his responsibilities as defender of the galaxy he decided it'd be a fine idea to propose to Clara...

Shirley Henderson

Miserable, moping, moaning Myrtle herself made an appearance in Love and Monsters as Ursula Blake. She was absorbed by Peter Kay’s evil Victor Kennedy but the Doctor miraculously managed to keep her essence alive in a, err, paving stone.

Jimmy Gardner

Erratic driver Ernie was unstoppable behind the wheel of Prisoner of Azkaban’s Knight Bus but Jimmy Gardner’s Doctor Who counterpart wasn’t quite so lucky. He played Idmon, a trog who was arrested for inciting a rebellion and very nearly met his maker before The Doctor intervened.