It’s not quite hometown glory – but close enough. This summer, Adele is jetting off to Munich to play her first shows in mainland Europe since 2016.


The world-famous singer has announced a residency at the bespoke Munich Messe arena this August and tickets are on sale now.

So far, the 35-year-old is booked in for 10 shows, although this has already increased from the original four due to “extraordinarily high demand” from fans.

This string of performances will come off the back of Adele’s Las Vegas residency, which has been running since 2022, and will mark the first time the singer performs her fourth album, 30, on tour.

Taking to Instagram to speak about the upcoming shows, Adele said: “So a few months ago I got a call about a summer run of shows. I’ve been content as anything with my shows in London’s Hyde Park and my residency in Vegas, so I hadn’t had any other plans.

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"However, I was too curious to not follow up and indulge in this idea – a one off, bespoke pop-up stadium designed around whatever show I want to put on?”

“Pretty much slap bang in the middle of Europe? In Munich? That’s a bit random, but still fabulous! Right after the Euros? Come on England! With the Olympics next door? Go on Simone! And some of my favourite artists playing shows too? Why…YES!! I haven’t played in Europe since 2016!”

So, after all these years, Adele is inviting you to meet her in Munich. If you don’t fancy it, then never mind, she’ll find someone like you. But if, like us, you’re willing to set fire to the rain to get there, here’s how you can get tickets on Ticketmaster, or through the re-sale site StubHub.

Buy Adele tickets at Ticketmaster

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Where is Adele performing in Munich?

Adele’s residency will be held at the bespoke Munich Messe Arena, on the outskirts of the city. The open-air venue has a capacity of over 80,000 and will mark the singer’s first mainland Europe appearance since 2016.

What are the dates of Adele’s Munich 2024 residency?

The original announcement for Adele’s Munich residency included just four dates. However, due to “extraordinarily high demand”, another six have already been added.

It’s been rumoured that a total of 11 dates have been made available for the artist, so we’ll be sure to update you if any more shows are added.

Here’s the full list of dates:

Adele Munich residency ticket prices

Ticket prices start at €74.90 to €119.90 for seats near the back, while and front seats are €369.90 to €399.90. For standing, you'll need to pay between €369.90 and €419.90.

Buy Adele tickets at Ticketmaster

You can also buy hospitality tickets from the German Ticketmaster site, although these will cost a lot more (remember that her Los Vegas VIP tickets went up to $4 million!)

Buy Adele hospitality tickets at Ticketmaster

When do Adele tickets go on general sale?

General sale will go live at 9am GMT/10am CET on Friday 9th February.

The sale will go live across all Ticketmaster sites, including, and you can use any Ticketmaster account to buy your tickets tickets – so you don’t need an account specifically with

Buy Adele tickets at Ticketmaster

Buy Adele hospitality tickets at Ticketmaster

If you miss out on the Ticketmaster sale, you can always find some on the re-sale site StubHub. We know that re-sale sites can be tricky and we wouldn't normally recommend them, however this website has a 4.3 rating on TrustPilot, although you should be wary of the prices.

Buy Adele tickets at StubHub

How to prepare for the Adele Ticketmaster sale

You need to make sure you have a Ticketmaster account ahead of the sale on Friday.

To do this, simply head over to Ticketmaster and select "sign up."

You should also check your account has a valid phone number, as you may need to verify this when buying tickets – make sure you have your mobile to hand.

Lastly on the day of the sale, make sure you sign in beforehand as you may be prompted to update your password.

Buy Adele tickets at Ticketmaster

Flights to Munich and cheap hotel stays

Not only is Munich a beautiful city, but it’s also remarkably easy to get to, with routes available via plane, train, and coach.

Flying is by far the most direct route, with planes running all the time from London Gatwick and London Heathrow. The flight will normally take just under two hours and can cost as little as £52 – although as it’s August you should expect them to be more around the £100 mark.

To get the cheapest options, we’d recommend having a look at SkyScanner which will find all the best deals for you. Either that, or there’s some great packages available at Expedia.

If you’d rather go by train, you’ll probably end up paying somewhere in the realm of £120 to £180. It will also take a lot longer, as you’ll need to get the Eurostar from London to Brussels, then it’s an intercity train to Frankfurt and then onto Munich.

Lastly, you can hop on a coach from London (with a possible stop over in Paris) which will take around 22 hours to get to Munich and cost around £80.

Then, once you’re in Munich, you can find a tonne of hotel and apartment options, with prices starting at roughly £40 a night. For this, we’d recommend looking at Expedia, or even Airbnb.


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