JK Rowling tells Cursed Child cast to “break a leg” in first Harry Potter play performance

The author has all her fingers crossed for the first night of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Harry Potter’s eighth tale will finally be told on the London stage this evening as Harry Potter and The Cursed Child begins its preview run at the Palace Theatre. And author JK Rowling is wishing the cast the best of luck.


“Break a leg” she tweeted after spotting Anthony Boyle (who will now forever be known as Scorpius Malfoy) sharing his excitement online.

Rowling has asked fans who see the show to refrain from spreading any information about the story online, in the hopes that future audiences will be able to enjoy the surprises the show has in store.

What we can say is it’s a tale about Harry’s son, Albus Severus, who’s struggling with living in his famous dad’s shadow.

Tickets for the production have been sold well into May 2017, although special reduced priced tickets will be up for grabs each with via an online draw known as The Friday Forty.


The play officially opens at The Palace Theatre on July 30th.