Ghost Light

Ghost Light

John Stimpson (2018)



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Shakespeare's Macbeth conjures up haunting supernatural menace for a troupe of amateur actors in rural Massachusetts in this Twilight Zone-ish black comedy. Princess Bride alumni Cary Elwes and Carol Kane slice the ham entertainingly thick as pretentious soap opera actor and dotty diva respectively, while Roger Bart is suitably waspish as the director endeavouring to keep rehearsals on an even keel. However, when a legendary curse connected to "the Scottish Play" is invoked, the thespians find themselves beset by terrifying visions, especially Shannyn Sossamon as Elwes's adulterous wife. Quirky rather than hilarious and nowhere near as scary or gruesome as the play, this affectionate if overlong love letter to summer-stock theatre from director John Stimpson may be too light on laughs and carnage for some. Thankfully, the antics of a talented cast provide compensation.

Cast & Crew

Alex Pankhurst Cary Elwes
Liz Beth Stevens Shannyn Sossamon
Henry Asquith Roger Bart
Thomas Ingram Tom Riley
Madeline Styne Carol Kane
Juliet Miller Danielle Campbell
Archie MacIntosh Scott Adsit
Annabel Anderson Caroline Portu
Director John Stimpson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour