Blood, Sweat and Lies

Blood, Sweat and Lies

Lane Shefter Bishop (2018)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Handsome personal trainer turns out to be a psycho in an initially creepy but then just dull TV movie.


After breaking up with her latest boyfriend, a young woman decides to join a gym to regain her confidence. She begins working out with a personal trainer, whom she confides in during their sessions, and soon begins dating again. She is later forced to cut all ties with her mentor on learning he has been threatening the men she has romanced. However, he refuses to let her go and it becomes apparent he will do anything to keep his client. Thriller, starring Hannah Barefoot and Adam Huber.

Cast & Crew

Melissa Hannah Barefoot
Trey Adam Huber
Adam Matt Cedeno
Leslie Briana Lane
Director Lane Shefter Bishop

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour