Bomb City

Bomb City

Jamie Brooks (2017)

15 Certificate


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This drama charts the rising tensions between a group of high-school jocks and outcast punks, leading to deadly consequences in a small conservative town in Texas. Shot in a gritty, handheld fashion, the film delves into the nature of subculture, and society's violent rejection of anything that doesn't conform to the norm. Stunning visuals compare and contrast the visceral nature of both opposing sides, framing the socially accepted sports heroes on a level footing with the mohawk-sporting rebels. Moreover, the film goes beyond labels to unveil the individuals beneath, particularly the complex journey taken by Brian (Dave Davis), the focus of much of the narrative. Bomb City's conclusions may not be earth-shattering, but this does provide an interesting dramatisation of a real-life event as well as a meditation on teen tribalism.


An ongoing feud between punk rockers and a wealthier clique in a small Texas town leads to a hate crime. Drama, starring Dave Davis, Glenn Morshower and Logan Huffman.

Cast & Crew

Brian Dave Davis
Cameron Wilson Glenn Morshower
Ricky Logan Huffman
Rome Lorelei Linklater
Oles Eddie Hassell
King Henry Knotts
Director Jamie Brooks
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Language: EnglishColour