American Pastoral

American Pastoral

Ewan McGregor (2016)

15 Certificate


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This respectable family drama tells a tragic story about a father who refuses to give up on his daughter. Adapted from Philip Roth's acclaimed novel, it takes place in the 1960s, during a notably volatile period in American history. At the centre is Seymour "the Swede" Levov (Ewan McGregor, also making his directorial debut), a middle-class businessman whose life unravels when his teenage daughter (Dakota Fanning) is accused of blowing up a petrol station. After she disappears, Seymour becomes obsessed with finding her, which is where the film works best. Some will argue that McGregor is miscast as the all-American former athlete, but he conveys the character's decency, and he draws solid performances from the cast. In particular, Peter Riegert gets several laughs as Seymour's cantankerous father. American Pastoral is a flawed film that lacks inspiration, but it has its moments, and the story might strike a chord with parents.

Cast & Crew

Swede Levov Ewan McGregor
Dawn Levov Jennifer Connelly
Merry Levov Dakota Fanning
Lou Levov Peter Riegert
Jerry Levov Rupert Evans (2)
Vicky Uzo Aduba
Sheila Smith Molly Parker
Nathan Zuckerman David Strathairn
Penny Hamlin Samantha Mathis
Director Ewan McGregor
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: EntertainmentGuidance: Violence, swearing, sexual references.Released on: 11 Nov 2016