Did you notice that Hermione waited six Harry Potter books to give Ron a brilliant sarcastic comeback?

And it was well worth the wait too...


We all know JK Rowling is the master of carefully placed clues in Harry Potter but did you notice that she’s the queen of delightfully repeated dialogue too?


In Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, Rowling wrote this exchange between Ron and Hermione.


And Imgur’s mfiasco noted that six books later, she finally allowed Hermione to give Ron the sarcastic comeback we’d all been waiting for.

Funnily enough, when RadioTimes.com did some sleuthing to be sure the paragraph were legitimate, we discovered that they both replied to the question with the same words too.


A simple “oh, right”, will always do.


Bravo Ms Rowling. We tip our wizard’s hats to you.