Richard Bacon on 5 Live – brought to you today by Chris Boardman’s legs

Bacon and 5 Live colleague Nicky Campbell join forces on the station's Energy Day for a show powered by the pedalling of the public... and cycling champion Chris Boardman

At last – it’s on your bike time for Richard Bacon and Nicky Campbell.


But forunately for their fans, the pair are not vacating their berths at Radio 5 Live, but focusing public attention on the environment.

Today is the station’s Energy Day in which the world’s, and the nation’s, energy needs are being discussed and debated.

What’s more, an outside studio is to be powered for a full 12 hours purely on renewable energy – meaning that Bacon’s show is being run off exercise bikes set up in the Salford Quays piazza for guests such as former Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, members of the public, and Bacon himself to hop aboard.

Controller of Radio 5 Live, Jonathan Wall, said: “Energy Day is an innovative and unique way to look at a national news story. Radio 5 Live will be bringing the debate to audiences and offering them the chance to put their questions to those that matter in the world of energy. Powering a studio purely on renewable energy is a risk for the station but will make for exciting radio nonetheless.”