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Why is Lynn Bowles leaving BBC Radio 2?

The veteran Ken Bruce traffic reporter reveals why she's hanging up her Radio 2 microphone in the new issue of Radio Times

BBC Radio 2 star Lynn Bowles will soon deliver her last traffic report on the Ken Bruce show, after 18 years of dedicated service.


In a new interview with Radio Times magazine, out from Tuesday 27th March, the travel and traffic presenter explains why now is the right time for her to leave. Read the full interview here, and find out more about her decision below.

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When will Lynn Bowles' final BBC Radio 2 appearance be?

Bowles will make her final appearance during the Ken Bruce show on Thursday 29th March (Maundy Thursday). "People have been saying 'Mourning Thursday', so now I feel like a bad person," she jokes in the new issue of Radio Times.

Why is Lynn Bowles leaving?

A Bowles explains in Radio Times, she has "lots" of reasons for hanging up her Radio 2 microphone.

“Having done very early mornings for so long, I’m just a bit tired. And I’m fully aware that lots of people do really early mornings… I get that because I’m there on air with them. But one does not have an infinite life. I want to do other things,” she says, adding that her extra commitments on BBC Radio Wales have added to the workload.

Bowles also cited the changing circumstances of many of her friends, some of whom have been facing health problems, as part of her decision to move on in her career.

Will this be Lynn Bowles' final radio appearance?

No, Lynn will continue to present her Sunday show on BBC Radio Wales every week from 2pm. She grew up just outside Cardiff, and is planning on "moving the centre of gravity from south London back to Wales".


Read the full interview with Lynn Bowles in Radio Times magazine, out now 


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