45 Nicky Campbell

And your point is?


Giant of 5 Live, master of the art of the phone-in, on top of every debate.

44 Sandi Toksvig

Great Dane

Former News Quiz host with a vast comedy back catalogue whose elevation to The Great British Bake Off testifies to a talent that flourished in radio.

43 Chris Morris

Danger man

More like this

On the Hour was landmark, early-90s satire — spoofing the news like nothing before or since — and Morris’s genius was at the heart of it.

42 Peter Allen

Team player

A 5 Live man going back to its launch in 1994, he spent 13 years alongside Jane Garvey — one half of one of the most popular duos in radio. And now they’re back together on Sunday nights.

41 Jeremy Vine

The listeners’ champion


Radio 2’s king of lunchtime credits the callers to his show with so much wisdom that he’s just published a book in praise of them. The feeling is clearly mutual — and his peers are pretty keen too.