George Martin’s 10 best non-Beatles songs

The superstar producer was so much more than the Fifth Beatle


Martin made his name with comedy and classical albums, with novelty songs a specialty. Some aged better than others.


His work brought him into contact with comedy greats including Peter Sellers and The Goons.

Another classic that’s a world away from The Beatles’ output. Well, except Rocky Raccoon. And Octopus’s Garden.

Before the Beatles, Martin had the opportunity to work with jazz legends from both sides of the Atlantic.

Of course, The Beatles weren’t the only pop superstars going in the 1960s.

Martin remained close to all of the Beatles as they embarked on their solo careers, with this Bond theme a high point.

Who better to adapt Beatles songs than the man who crafted their sound?

Well, their heart was in the right place.

Kenny Rogers was not an obvious collaborator for Martin, but the results got to Number 1 in the charts.


Yes, Martin produced the highest selling single of all time, released in tribute to the late Princess Diana.