Is that Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington in the new Kaiser Chiefs video?

The actress behind Mary Morstan plays a mysterious bride opposite Ricky Wilson in the video for the band's latest single Meanwhile Up in Heaven

Well, this is unexpected…


The last time we saw Amanda Abbington don a wedding dress it was for Sherlock series three and a far merrier occasion than this. The Mr Selfridge actress and partner of Mr Martin Freeman makes a surprise cameo in the new Kaiser Chiefs video opposite frontman Ricky Wilson.

The Voice mentor is seen dancing with Abbington who is wearing a frumpy wedding dress and clutching a bouquet of wilted flowers to match her sombre expression. The video for the band’s new single Meanwhile Up in Heaven sees the pair waltzing around a deserted fairground before they’re joined by an assortment of nurses, soldiers, astronauts and nuns.

It’s all a little drab and dreary – to match this drizzly Tuesday morning – so if the Kaiser Chiefs aren’t your jam, skip to 2 minutes 20 seconds for a glimpse of Abbington’s cameo:


The latest single is from the band’s chart-topping album Education, Education, Education & War and is released on 30 June.