Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl

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  • Manoel de Oliveira (2009)
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  • 60 min
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Portuguese film-maker Manoel de Oliveira's career spans the silent and digital age; he celebrated his 101st birthday shortly before the release of this refined adaptation of a short story by the 19th-century Portuguese realist writer Eca de Queiros. Echoes of Luis Buñuel and Claude Chabrol abound as de Oliveira cuts between a train conversation involving Ricardo Trepa and Leonor Silveira and the events that laid the young man low. Instantly smitten with demure blonde Catarina Wallenstein, Trepa is dismissed from his post at a Lisbon fabric store after incurring the wrath of employer uncle (Diogo Doria), and his desperation to prove himself worthy of his beloved lures him into social disgrace and a dubious African business enterprise with shady trader Rogerio Samora. Luminously photographed by Sabine Lancelin, this is both deliciously old-fashioned and wittily wise in its satirical insights into our own recessional times.

Plot Summary

A man on a train recounts the story of how he fell in love with a woman at first sight while working as his uncle's accountant. When he announces his intention to marry her, his furious uncle fires him, leaving him desperate to make ends meet. He comes to realise his intended is hiding dark secrets. Romantic drama, with Ricardo Trepa and Catarina Wallenstein. In Portuguese.

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Ricardo Trepa
Catarina Wallenstein
Diogo Doria
D Vilaca
Julia Buisel
Leonor Silveira
Luis Miguel Cintra
Luis Miguel Cintra
D Sande
Gloria de Matos
Filipe Vargas


Manoel de Oliveira

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