What time is Not Going Out on TV?

Series 9 of the BBC sitcom continues 9pm March 22nd, BBC1


What can we expect from the next episode?

Escalation is something Lee Mack and co-writer Danny Peak know all about. They’re past masters at finding just-plausible ways to make already painful situations worse. In this episode that means exacerbating a minor rift between the two couples at the centre of the sitcom Lee/Lucy and Anna/Toby – until it becomes properly farcical.

Anna and Toby, played by Abigail Cruttenden and Hugh Dennis, always have an enjoyable comic misery about them, forever making quips about what a wasteland their marriage is and how little they like each other. Hearing that they’ve started having regular date nights, Lee wonders if it’s “one of those kinky ones where you fantasise you’ve never met each other”. And Toby notes drily, “That is a fantasy I have quite often.”

Review by David Butcher

Who's in the cast?

Here are the characters and actors to look out for...

Lee Lee Mack

Lucy Sally Bretton

Anna Abigail Cruttenden

Toby Hugh Dennis

Wendy Deborah Grant

Geoffrey Geoffrey Whitehead

Molly Francesca Newman


Benji Max Pattison