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This Morning apologise as Holly and Phil 'haven't turned up'

Unrelated: Holly and Phil, party animals, won an NTA last night

Published: Wednesday, 24th January 2018 at 11:55 am

Ever noticed how flu season really takes its toll on the day after the office Christmas party? All those phone calls to the boss about how it's probably a chest thing and you can work from home and ha ha, no, I didn't stay much past 10, why do you ask?


Well, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield won at the NTAs last night. And this morning, this is what greeted viewers of This Morning.

Now what could have caused that? What illness could have struck two of the nation's favourite, hardest partying presenters, the morning after they won at a major awards ceremony?

It's not like they have a history of turning up still steaming from the night before.

We want to believe you have gastroenteritis, Holly and Phil, it's just that...well, we don't.

But wait!

Yes, it was just a wee bit, but it was a funny one, and we can't help notice Phil clutch his head in pain at the noise. But if this is how they drink when they win, what happens when they lose?


Also, why is it funny when Holly and Phil turn up drunk to work, but when I do it my boss gives me a talk about professionalism? Not once has she made a hilarious viral video celebrating my problem drinking, and I've given her enough chances. There is no justice in the world.


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