The hosts turn hostile in epic new Westworld trailer

The mechanical bull-crammed teaser also reveals season two's air date – and it's very soon

Youtube screengrab, TL

The machines of Westworld are back on screen in a new season two trailer – and they’re raging against the humans.


And we don’t just mean the humanoid hosts like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) that rebelled against their guests at the end of season one: the new sneak peek at the upcoming series features mechanical bulls running amok behind the scenes of the Western theme park. Security guards are charged, glass shatters in slow-mo and Thandie Newton’s Maeve emerges behind it all, wielding a sword.

So far, so utterly awesome. But we also see Ed Harris’ man in black return, a sinister new half-finished white robot creeping up on Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores promising to burn the park down and build “our world” from the ashes.

Interestingly, not everything you see in the trailer might end up in the actual show. As THR reports, some footage was created specifically for the trailer by showrunner Jonathan Nolan. So, we may never see an extended version of the sensational bull sequence.


However, here’s news that’ll soften that blow: as the trailer reveals, the HBO series returns April 22nd in the US, with the show being simulcast by Sky Atlantic in the UK.