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Who killed Dylan and where is Holly? The Bay viewers share their theories

Was it Sean, Nick or someone far more unexpected?

The Bay
Published: Thursday, 28th March 2019 at 6:55 pm

The second episode of ITV whodunnit The Bay has aired – and viewers have plenty of theories as to who is behind the murder (murders?) at the heart of the story.


In episode two, cheating husband Sean (Jonas Armstrong) was released from custody after his best friend's wife provided him with an alibi on the night that his step-children, twins Dylan and Holly, went missing. She claims they had sex, not long after he and family liaison officer Lisa (Morven Christie) had a quickie in an alley...

Lisa then arrested local Nick Mooney (Matthew McNulty) – who has an intellectual disability – but had to set him free as they lacked sufficient evidence to charge him.

What is really going on?

Twitter user James Gunn (not the Marvel director), reckons that Nick is involved somehow...

"Here's my theory," he tweeted. "This new character Nick, was seeing/sleeping with the daughter. The brother found out and threatened to tell everyone. Nick or even his own sister killed him whilst arguing. Daughter is hiding with Nick somewhere."

Others think it was a simple domestic dispute gone wrong...

"Theory - the sister killed her brother!" Lauren J Girling wrote. "15 year old M/F twins sharing a room?"

Meanwhile, a couple of tweeters have pointed the finger at Lisa's mother's boyfriend who seems like a suspiciously nice bloke...

"It's obvious who the murderer is," @tomritchiemcfc wrote. "Based on my theory that the culprit is usually the person who barely speaks for the first two episodes... I'm going for the Liason Officer's mother's fancy fella. It's the eyebrows that gave him away."


With four episodes to go, no doubt there will be many more twists and turns in this tale yet...


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