Usain Bolt versus Mo Farah – who would win?

Team GB's Olympic hero is hoping to take on the fastest man in the world, but who do you think will cross the line first?

The photo of their joint celebrations in the Olympic stadium made headlines around the world last summer but all friendly banter will be put on ice if this dream showdown takes place…


Usain Bolt, officially the fastest man on the planet, has pledged to take on Mo Farah, Britain’s adored Olympic hero and king of the middle distance. The pair – who swapped their signature celebrations during London 2012 after each taking home two individual gold medals – have both expressed their interest in setting up a race to raise money for their respective charities.

It was plucky Farah who first planted the seed… “He’s got his charity foundation, I’ve got the Mo Farah Foundation. It would be great to do a distance where people vote in – proper athletics fans – on which distance they think is most suitable.”

He then all but confirmed his rival’s involvement, saying to Bolt, “Are you up for that? Come on, you’ve got to do it. Let’s get it on.”

Bolt fired back, “That sounds fun. It’s going to be hard but it’s charity so it’s all about fun and enjoyment. I’m up for anything, for anything’s possible.”

It’s not exactly trash talk, but Bolt has laid down his first ground rules regarding the distance of the much-hyped showdown. In an interview with Sky News he flat out refused to take on Mo’s current favoured distance of 1,500m.

“It’s way too far. Six hundred [metres] for sure I can try because I’ve done 600m in training.”


And while it takes a brave man to take on Bolt, who surged to victory after a poor start in the 100m during Friday’s Anniversary Games, Farah (who also won over the weekend) will take confidence in the Jamaican sprinter’s self-confessed laziness during training. So, who do you think will win over 600m? Have your say in our poll below…