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Twitter asks 'Where is Dan Goodfellow?' as Tom Daley dominates newspaper coverage following Olympic bronze

The pair took home a medal for Team GB in the men's synchronised 10m platform – but Dan Goodfellow was mysteriously absent from the front pages

Published: Tuesday, 9th August 2016 at 8:14 am

GB divers Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow triumphed in Rio 2016, winning Olympic bronze in the men's 10m synchronised final. Goodfellow's mum was overjoyed – until she saw some of the morning newspaper front pages.


The front pages of The Daily Telegraph and the Mail, as well as the back page of the Daily Express, ran with pictures of Tom Daley alone, while the Times referred to Goodfellow as 'synchronised partner'.

Goodfellow's mum Sharon expressed her surprise at the decision, replying, "is this for real?" when seeing the photos.

She wasn't the only one to call out the papers: BBC presenter Gabby Logan tweeted the Times saying, "You can do better than this," while BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey also challenged the coverage.

The Sports Editor of the Times replied to Logan, saying that it would be changed in later editions, explaining, "A bit of leeway for how close to deadline we are trying to get these Olympic papers out though!"

He also pointed out that the BBC too aren't always squeaky clean.

Both medal winners had their moment with Clare Balding, however.

This morning, 'Where's Daniel Goodfellow' began trending on Twitter.


Well, the good news is, we've found them! Congrats Dan and Tom.


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