Would you like the BBC to bring back Today at Wimbledon?

Do you want to see a return of the traditional tennis highlights package? Or is Wimbledon 2Day just your cup of Pimm's? Vote in our poll...

Just two days into Wimbledon fortnight, the BBC’s highlights package Wimbledon 2Day has come in for plenty of criticism. The daily summary – fronted by Clare Balding – has bemused viewers with its “entertainment” spin on the traditional round-up of the day’s events.


Yesterday, Radio Times TV Editor Alison Graham led the backlash with her critique of the new-look format in a piece quoted everywhere from the Times and the Mail to the Guardian and Independent. She called it “a mess, a giddy mix of inane Tweets, snippets of matches (let’s not forget actual tennis is being played, something, presumably we all want to see which is why we’ve tuned in) and a bit of chat”.

Based on the many comments beneath her article, we all want to see more tennis – the chance to settle down on the sofa of an evening and catch up on all the sport we missed during our day at work.

That’s the service Today at Wimbledon used to provide as John Inverdale invited guests to sit on a couch and discuss tactics, shot selections, serving styles and much, much more, at the same time as offering us the opportunity to reflect on the day’s tennis, minus the boring bits.

Of course, it’s probably unrealistic to expect the BBC to completely return to their old format this year – whether it’s tweaked or not, Wimbledon 2Day will no doubt remain a fixture of the 2015 Championships – but, rather than go back to the drawing board next year, we’d like to see a return for the simple but effective Today at Wimbledon, with or without Inverdale at the helm


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