Andy and Jamie Murray’s grandfather on the moment he realised they were special

"Andy didn’t like it when I played drop shots or sliced the ball. He would say to me, 'For goodness' sake Grandpa, play properly'"


Were Andy and Jamie always competitive?


Both of the boys loved their tennis from a young age. When we were looking after them we would play with them, and even then it was obvious just how competitive they were.

So tennis was never just fun and games to them?

No – Andy didn’t like it when I played drop shots or sliced the ball. He would say to me, “For goodness’ sake Grandpa, play properly and stop doing those twiddly shots.” Jamie didn’t seem to mind me messing around. Andy always wanted to play what he considered to be proper tennis. He wanted to play proper shots so that we could have a rally.

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When did you realise they were special?

It wasn’t long before Andy was playing against the grown-ups in Dunblane and telling his very senior partners how to play and where to stand.

What’s your relationship like with them now?

They are totally different boys. We don’t speak to Andy on the phone much. We speak to Jamie more, though it’s easier for him as his schedule isn’t as demanding as Andy’s. Though when he does phone, he wants to speak to his gran, not me! They’re both great boys.

Roy Erskine is a former professional Scottish footballer. He lives with his wife Shirley in Dunblane


The men’s tennis begins on Saturday 6 August