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95% of readers want the BBC to bring back Today at Wimbledon

Clare Balding's revamped daily highlights package Wimbledon 2Day has been the subject of criticism from viewers and critics since it launched on Monday logo
Published: Friday, 3rd July 2015 at 9:57 am

95% of readers have voted for a return of Today at Wimbledon after the BBC's revamped highlights package Wimbledon 2Day – fronted by Clare Balding – attracted a wave of criticism from viewers and critics.


2,700 viewers had their say in our poll, with the overwhelming majority calling for the traditional daily round-up – previously presented by John Inverdale – to be reinstated for next year's Championships.

The new-look Wimbledon 2Day has been the subject of plenty of backlash, with Radio Times TV Editor Alison Graham leading the criticism, calling the format "a mess, a giddy mix of inane Tweets, snippets of matches (let’s not forget actual tennis is being played, something, presumably we all want to see which is why we’ve tuned in) and a bit of chat".'s poll has received thousands of votes in less than 48 hours, with just 3% of users backing Wimbledon 2Day fronted by Balding with guests including John McEnroe, Tim Henman and Lindsay Davenport, and a live studio audience.

Scores of readers have also had their own say on the overhauled programme.

"Highlights, that's what we want," said Andrew Clarke. "No '2day' No strange set, No inane conversation. Simple, really."

"Calm, uncluttered analysis of the tennis is what's needed and wanted not 'entertainment'," added Keith Innes Wilson.


When asked whether audiences could expect changes to the revamped format, a BBC spokesperson said: "This is a new look for the show this year which we would expect to evolve as the fortnight progresses."


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