Skyfall: Sky Sports presenter Nick Collins vs an unstable ladder

A report from outside Wembley Stadium ahead of England's friendly against Scotland goes wrong as Nick Collins takes a tumble

For most of us, standing in front of a camera lens is an uncomfortable experience. Add a wobbly ladder into the mix and the situation would become even less appealing.


So spare a thought for poor Sky Sports correspondent Nick Collins whose piece to camera outside Wembley Stadium ahead of yesterday’s England friendly withScotland took a turn for the worse when his subtly concealed ladder proved a wee bit unstable. The result was a sudden tumble from view on live television before the camera cut back to a befuddled Jim White back in the Sky Sports studio.

“That’s the kind of thing you hope never happens to you on live television, but it obviously happened to Nick there,” he noted before resuming his coverage. If you have 30 seconds to spare and fancy a chuckle, take a look at poor Nick’s tumble in the video below, safe in the knowledge that he came out of it largely unscathed…